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Window Repair for Oakville Residents

Proper measurement of window crank hardware

Window repair - what does that mean? Contrary to popular belief, windows can be repaired. In fact, all windows can be repaired...of course in some cases it makes more sense to replace but you can always ask us first before calling a window company. To date...we have not found a window that we couldn't fix. That's right, we have replaced many thermal units (The two panes of glass separated by an airspace), window cranks, window slides and of course, the actual window frame. The only way to learn these skills is by doing window repairs. Every window is a little different, and when you have fixed as many as we have, the time to fix them is reduced each time based on our ever growing knowledge of each manufacturer. After you have investigated the problem, determined the best course of action for repair, you then need to aquire the damaged part from local companies. Fortunately we have worked years searching and creating strong relationships with local suppliers that have helped us every step of the way.

Window repair is not rocket science, but it is a skill that we have honed and have become the resource for Oakville residents to come to for their window repair needs.

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