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Windows iced up or wet? Is it time to replace my windows? Not so fast…

In the bitter cold, you might wake up to this ice on your windows.

In the bitter cold, you might wake up to this ice on your windows.

My windows are broken!

If you are waking up to this in this deep freeze in Southern Ontario, here are a few tips to help.
Submitted by a client in Milton, Ontario. They woke up to their window looking like this, and commented that they must have poor quality windows.

I can assure you that the high humidity and extreme cold is the main cause for this. If you cover the windows (California shutters, or blinds at night), it will be more pronounced. Unless you have excessive moisture BETWEEN the panes, the thermal properties of the window are still excellent.

How to fix it:

  • Keep your humidifier set to around 30%
  • Put a fan on low in the room to keep air flow, or turn on the fan of your furnace to keep it running all the time.
  • Do not cover up the windows if at all possible.  Open blinds and shutters (California Shutters are notorious for making this happen) Open up all curtains.   (yes, makes for early mornings in a west facing bedroom) and the problem will be lessened.
  • Remove all window screens in winter.  (great opportunity to clean them off, and we suggest labeling with room)
  • Consider an air exchanger added to your furnace.  Contact an HVAC technician for this which will help with airflow.
  • Open the door to the room as often as you can to encourage airflow.
  • Open a window in the room for a few hours  (I realize, it is cold out, but you need the airflow to remove the moisture).It is a few weeks a year that this is an issue, but cannot be helped.

Another commenter mentioned cleaning up the moisture/ice that had collected which is an important step as well. Remove all the ice and moisture and use a mold remover if mold has grown at the bottom of the window area.

If you follow these simple rules, you will lessen the buildup of moisture on your windows. If you have moisture between the panes, then the thermal properties of the window have failed, and at that point, the glass (not the whole window) needs to be replaced. We do that too!  Call us at 289-242-8439 to discuss this issue, or have a look at this post.

Stay warm!




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