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Window falling off when you open it?

A common call on a windy night...

"Help!  Our window has blown off and is hanging by the top.  We are afraid its going to fall off!"   Does this sound familiar to you?  Have you ever gone to open your crank style window and felt things were just not connecting properly?  Window not closing square?  Are your windows just not working the way that they used to when they were new?

All of these problems can typically be repaired, without the need for a replacement window.  Top and bottom hinges can be replaced, locks adjusted, cranks repaired and your windows will work like new!

Call us today and get your windows working again, for a fraction of the cost of installing new windows!  289-242-8439

Hinge broken

Crank twisted out of shape after wind whipped the window off its hinge in Oakville

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