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Why did my Window Break?

We receive dozens of calls each day about common window repair problems.  This post will deal with the top 4, and why they happen.

  1. Window Crank is Broken
    The most common cause of a failed window crank (window will open, but not close completely and handle just spins) is age of house, and size of window.  With a newer house, that is less than 10 years old, the settling that has occurred will throw the window off square, causing strain on the crank wheel and wearing down the gears.  If the crank is on a very large window (wider than 20 inches, or taller than 5 feet) this strain is increased – and the crank will wear out.
    Good News – The crank can be replaced.  We also recommend opening your windows only a foot or so for longer periods of time, and keeping fully locked (top and bottom if you have two locking tabs) to ensure the window stays square as possible.

  2. Window is foggy between the panes of glass
    Again, on newer homes (less than 10 years) house settling is the common culprit here.  Most homeowners are quick to blame the “crappy contractor windows” or “this terrible builder” but the truth is the windows are all decent quality, whether subdivision home or custom.  The issue lies in the way that we build houses in Southern Ontario.  We frame them out of wood.  Soft wood.  The wood will twist and bend over the first few years of the house being built.  The ground will settle, the foundation might shift and settle.  All of these things throw stuff off square (you know that door that used to open and close fine, but now doesn’t? – SAME).  When this happens, somewhere in the nether regions of your window glass double paned unit, the seal around the perimeter pops, and air is allowed in but can’t find its way out.  TA-DA!  Moisture.
    But isn’t there a way to “re-seal” that?  (If I had a nickel for each time I am asked this question).  NO.  There is no way to re-seal your glass unit.  Keith did a great video here that explains this.

    We will measure, manufacture and install new thermal glass units into your existing window frame. Pricing is less than 1/3 the price of a new window in most cases!

  3. Broken Window Hinge
    This issue is typically mistaken for a broken crank, since the hinge and the crank are right next to each other on the bottom of the window.  The main difference here, is that when the hinge has failed on a window (often due to rusting from standing water, or high winds and a window left open) it will feel as if the window will actually FALL OFF!  This is my litmus test when people call, I can typically hear the fear in their voice that they don’t want to send me a picture of the problem, because they think their window will fall off. Good News:  We can replace the hinge without needing to replace your window.

  4.  Broken Window Lock

    Window Locking Hardware

    Window Locking Hardware

    If your window will close, but will not lock properly, the locking hardware has likely become compromised in some way. We will analyze the type of mechanism that you have, (typically with pictures that you can provide) and give you a clear outline of what steps will be made to replace the lock, to get your window back into good working order.

Whatever your issue with your windows, please know that if your windows are not working properly, you do NOT necessarily need to replace the entire window.  Calling a window company will typically result in them trying to sell you new windows.  If you are looking to repair your windows to as good as new, call us today or better yet, email the details of your repair to us by clicking here.  We will get right back to you with timelines and pricing, and can typically begin the repair process within 1 business day! We are here to save you money, and get your broken windows working again.