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When it rains…it rains. The Spring Rush…and life

Remember what is truly important

An open letter to all clients, friends, and future clients and friendsWith the spring this year came many challenges, not the least of which was an incredible rush of potential business from wonderful people looking for a solution to their home repair and maintenance needs.  Torrential rain led to window, door and roof leaks.  Near tornado like winds tore fences from their brackets and posts out of the ground.  Teases of warm balmy weather begged us to paint the outside of our homes, sand, clean and stain our decks, and budding spring bulbs and flowers led us to make big (and small) garden plans for cleanup and renewal.  Continued rain makes it more difficult to complete outdoor projects.

Here at LHM, we have been gracious, appreciative and as diligent as is humanly possible in keeping up with the influx of calls.  We are a family run small business that has some excellent partners and staff on our team, but even we are subject to life getting in the way. 

The recent and very sudden passing of a family friend has proven to "throw us for a loop" for lack of a better phrase.  Life has a funny way of making you realize that you need to slow down, take time, appreciate what you have, and reconnect with people in your life.   Keith and I always strive for as much balance as possible in our lives and want to ensure everyone that our business is extremely important to us, that our clients satisfaction is paramount to us and that we are committed to continuing to help you all with your home repairs and maintenance needs. 

This is an open letter to all of you, to ask for your patience as we do our best to service all our clients and potential clients in this extremely busy and emotionally difficult time. 

Sarah Taylor and Keith Childerhose


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