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What service is, and why it is important

Who can repair my soffit in Oakville?

Soffit repair in Oakville

Service: Is it still around? Does it matter?


Sometimes, its like being caught between a rock and hard place.  Clients need something done, they want the right job, the right price, and (we believe) the right service.  Tricky to get all three these days we are finding. 


Would you want the job done by someone who does not know what they are doing, but the price is right?  We are thinking not.  Would you want an excellent job done by someone who doesn't respond to phone calls and charges you an arm and a leg?  Perhaps, but we're thinking that the experience might be kind of empty. I guess there are other permutations of the scenario, but in general it comes down to price, quality and service. 

The challenge for us...

How to offer all three, keep everyone happy, and continue to grow our business to serve the Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga areas (and more!) for years to come?  Suggestions very much welcome.  

What we will do for you.

We will continue to serve our clients in the only way we know possible.  To offer the best service, before, during and after the job is done.  To do our work efficiently, effectively, safely, and for the agreed upon price or lower (unforseen circumstances notwithstanding).  We will be available by phone, email or text to answer your questions, and we will strive continually to ensure a positive experience for our clients. 

Lakeshore Home Maintenance - We want to continue to be the area's premier Home Maintenance service for many years to come.   We take the concept of the handyman many steps further and offer you a full suite of services, fully insured, with $2 million in liability and full WSIB coverage.  Our pricing is highly competitive with our major brand name competitors, and our staff is experienced, friendly and they get the job done right for you.

Please call us today at 289-242-8439 to discuss your next home repair or renovation project.  We take care of your "to-do" list...inside and out.

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