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Tiling as an art form

Groutfiti - I actually found this word when doing a quick search to think up clever tile puns that I could use as a catchy headline for this blog post.  Needless to say, the world of tiling and grout is really not all that clever or humorous.  While the post on Urban Dictionary under this name is interesting, it really did not contribute in any way to what I wanted to say about the incredible work that we can do with tile, and the wonderful tiler that we have on our roster of talented professionals.

Looking to beautify a room with interest?

Stone tile accent wall in Oakville

From kitchen backsplashes to entire floors, to careful mosaic work and small repairs, Lakeshore Home Maintenance is your trusted source for tiling work.  Insured, quality work, and craftsmanship with every job, small or large.

Beautiful kitchen renovation with exceptional tile work

Transform your room with tile

Thinking of updating a room without a full renovation?  While a kitchen like the one shown here is gorgeous, sometimes all we need is a splash of colour or texture and a change of wall colour to spruce up a room.  Thinking of selling?  Tile is a great way to make a change.  Travertine, marble, ceramic and glass tile can be used in combinations or alone to create dramatic effects in your home.

For someone who is considering a bathroom or basement renovation, heated floors under the tile are a great way to warm up a space, and surprisingly, can reduce your heating bill.  Something to consider if a tiled floor is in your future.  The cost to upgrade to heated floors is surprisingly reasonable and is a valuable selling feature when you go to resell your home.

If you are looking to renovate a bathroom, at Lakeshore Home Maintenance we recommend the Schluter Kerdi bathroom system, ensuring that the final result is a beautiful tiled shower/bath that will protect your home.  The Schluter system is a pliable sheet-applied bonded waterproof membrane.  Unlike traditional waterproofing, KERDI is bonded to the substrate and allows for the direct application of tile using the thin-set method.  This prevents moisture from infiltrating the mortar setting bed, thus reducing the risk of leakage, efflorescence, and mold growth in wet areas (e.g., showers, commercial kitchens, etc.).

If you live in the Oakville, Burlington or Mississauga area, and are looking to complete a tile project, or just have a small tile repair, call us today at 289-242-8439 to take care of this for you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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