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The Wreath Queen

Stunning Gifts by the Wreath Queen
Stunning Gifts by the Wreath Queen

Lakeshore Home Maintenance 

Corporate Gifts 2009

As the Christmas season approached this year, we knew that we wanted to show our clients how much we appreciated their business, their referrals, and their support.  We needed to find a company in the Oakville area that could represent what we wanted to say, and would understand our philosophy and translate it to a gift that our clients would appreciate. 

I contacted Kristeen Sopeju-Edwards of The Wreath Queen and all it took was a short phone call, a description of what I wanted, and within a few days I had this image in my email inbox.  I was elated, I actually saved the image to my Blackberry wallpaper and showed it to anyone who would look!  Within a week Kristeen had coordinated custom chocolates and candies to pack inside these boxes, and my client gifting was complete. 

It was a seamless transaction, and Kristeen could not have been more professional and helpful.   She understood my needs, translated them to a gorgeous gift and delivered in record time.  I truly look forward to working with her again on many projects, and anxiously await the next special project that we can work on together.  Watch for this as I have some ideas as to how Kristeen and I can work together on something that all of Lakeshore Home Maintenance's clients can enjoy this year.

If you are in need of a special gift, basket, wreath or just beautifully wrapped present, contact Kristeen of The Wreath Queen in Oakville.  You can find her at www.wreathqueen.com.


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