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Spring has sprung? And the windows broken?

Replacing Thermal Window unit in Oakville

Thermal Window Repair Oakville

Spring has Sprung here in Oakville, and with the warm weather, comes the fresh air!  Open all the windows, let it in...or can we? 

As predicted, the windows are starting to come open and with them people are realizing that their window cranks are not functioning properly, or at all.  Window screens are showing signs of wear, and in some cases, the cold weather and snow or rain have contributed to the failing of the window thermal units, which is evident by fog or moisture visible between the windows. 

All these conditions are repairable, and now is the time to take care of these repairs, before the really warm weather comes, and you want your windows wide open to let in the fresh breezes.  

Call Lakeshore Home Maintenance at 289-242-8439 to have all your window repairs taken care of efficiently and effectively.  You don't need to replace the window, ask us how you can repair instead and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

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