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Trade Secrets???

Or how we do what we do...

People are often surprised when we fix something that they were completely sure needed to be replaced.  Often they have been told by well meaning friends and even other handymen that the item was not fixable.  I have personally seen Keith swoop in, tinker secretively with his toolbox and drill and various other tools and victoriously lift the item over his head (with the exception of doors, I've NEVER seen Keith lift a door over his head) and declare it fixed.  And its fixed!  Clients are amazed!  I am smug.  Keith just smiles and looks knowing.

Trade secrets?  I suppose.  But nothing that you couldn't search for on the internet.  I mean seriously, there was a client who had a downstairs laundry tap that she had never used because she couldn't physically turn the tap on.  Hot water, in her laundry room, that hadn't been turned on in 15 years.  There was talk of plumbers being called in, new taps being installed, possibly an entire laundry room renovation.  I even heard that Mel Lastman was contemplating bringing in the Army, but I digress (you will notice that I do this a lot, please be patient with me).  In any event, it was Keith who disappeared into the depths of the house and emerged 5 minutes later.  It was I who saw the can of WD-40 tucked into his jacket pocket and I outed him.  Yes, plain and simple thats what did it.  Oh sure, it required a set of channel locks and some brute strength and perhaps two sprays of the stuff, but in the end, I think we charged the client $5 and only because she insisted on paying us something. 

I think the point that I am trying to make, is that there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat.  In our line of work, we skin a lot of cats.  Or window crank hardware, or misaligned doors, or fence posts out of the ground.

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