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Basement water shutoff with bleeder valve

Basement water shutoff with bleeder valve

Blogging about everything including the kitchen sink

Plumbing.  One of the many facets of our homes that baffles and boggles us.  Funny noises in the night when pipes rattle and hum.  Pipes that actually "sing" (yep, happened to me in my old home in Burlington) and things that simply make no sense, such as the hot water tap that gives cold water, and vice versa.  We live with many of these things day to day and learn to accept them, I mean what is the harm as long as I know that cold is hot, and hot is cold.  And really, I can sing along with the pipes when I am alone in the house and am sure that the neighbours aren't watching.

However, things go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong, sometimes not so much.  Who reading this has not walked to their laundry room to find the floor covered in an inch of water? (hands up everyone, I can see you) or forgotten to turn off the outside tap from the INSIDE for the winter?  How many of you have taken it upon yourself to change the shower head (seemingly simple job right???) only to find out that you have no idea what teflon tape is all about, I mean isn't teflon that stuff that keeps the eggs from sticking??

A large part of our business is plumbing, from installing new taps, sinks and toilets for people (remember that HRTC for new low flow toilets), to adding exterior taps, or moving them from one spot to another.  We work with licenced plumbers from the Oakville area who are available on call 24 hours a day for any emergency work.

One interesting aspect of plumbing, which many people aren't aware of is the shut-off valve.  This handy valve installed in some homes makes things so much easier for the plumber to do his work.  Essentially, it is a shut off at the source, for instance under your kitchen sink, where the water comes to the taps, there is a small valve installed that allows the water to be turned off to those taps.  Not very sexy, but believe me, when you have to change the taps, it makes the job go a lot faster, so really it saves you money, and that to me is super sexy.  (Amazing how I can get sexy and plumbing in the same paragraph huh?)

One tip for now, when you are turning off your outside water for the winter, if you have not already done so, please run and do now.  First, open up your outside tap fully, and then find the inside shutoff for your outside tap and close it completely.  Keep the outside tap fully opened so that any water in the pipe will drain out.  Some homes are equipped with a "bleeder" valve inside the home that allows the water to be drained out of the pipe inside the house.  Hold a small bucket under the bleeder valve while draining, ensuring that there is no water in the pipe and will reduce any chance of the pipe freezing in the winter.

Whether you have a small job or need an entire homes plumbing redone, Oakville's Lakeshore Home Maintenance ensures that all aspects of your job are handled with professionalism and to your complete satisfaction.  Call us at 289-242-8439 or email at info@lakeshorehomemaintenance.com.

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