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Post Holiday Chaos! 1 easy step to organization?

Wouldn't it be nice?  One simple step that organizes everything in your home, everything has its place, floors, shelves and surfaces are clean and fresh smelling, and there is order in every room.  Impossible?  In one step?  Yes, that was merely a cheap trick to get you to read this blog I admit.  However, there is hope for that after holiday clutter (and possibly from the rest of the year clutter) to turn your home from disorganized to organized.  It won't be quick, but if you are committed to organizing your home, there are ways to do this, and the results will change your life forever.

First and foremost, before any organizing takes place the most important step in the process is ensuring that you are in the proper state of mind to begin.  This is a life change, a major life change for some, and until you have made that personal affirmation that you are going to make this change there is no point in moving forward.  Often, a disorganized home is a sign of another problem.  Some of us have seen the television show Hoarders that profiles people who have a serious problem.  For the purposes of this blog, I will not be addressing these issues, but you can learn more here

Ask yourself the hard questions.  Why do I want to organize my home (and ultimately, your life)?  What is keeping me from doing this until now?  Am I in some way comforted by the extra "stuff" around me?  Are there people and circumstances in my life that are keeping me from organizing my home?  What excuses am I using for living this way, are are they valid?  Difficult questions all, and ones that are not easily answered but once you are in the mindset you will be amazed at the changes that will begin to happen.

At this point, there is a process that begins and there are multiple websites and suggestions as to what is the best way to organize your home.  I am going to discuss one way to tackle the rooms in your home.  Most importantly, be realistic about your timing, and give yourself a set of multi tiered goals, beginning at the beginning, and ending with your home with everything in its place, and a place for everything. 

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