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Is your window broken? Won’t open or close?

Time for a basic post on window repairs.  Cracked, moisture, won't open? Read on.

Is your window Broken?

Funny, when we started this business 7 years ago, we figured that we wouldn't get one call for window repair after December 1st, until the early spring when people start opening windows again.  We were so wrong!  For some reason, people open their windows in the winter, just as much as in the spring and summer.  Our theories on this range from excessive cooking (and burning - hence window opening) to that awesome Canadian mentality that there is no air like fresh air - we agree!

But there are TWO panes of glass and moisture between them...what do we do?

We replace the thermal unit!  NO need to replace the whole window (but this is what a new window company will tell you.)  Sorry peeps, we don't sell windows 🙂  We repair them.  This is a bad word in the window sales business.  Want to know a secret?? 90% of problems with windows can be repaired by us.  For the 10%, yes, you will need new windows, but that is truly a last resort!

Broken window cranks.  Window opens but won't close...Closes but won't open...

Mark my words... (and please, quote me and test this theory) "we have not found a window crank yet that we could not replace and fix". As my kids would say...True say!  Never happened.  We keep waiting to be stumped, but we love a challenge, and even when faced with the challenge from people that they have been "trying for years to get this fixed" we fix it.  We're just awesome...I can say that cause we kinda are when it comes to window crank repairs.  If your crank doesn't work, call us and we'll get it working.  To facilitate the process, we ask you to send us one of these pics (see post) that will allow us to being the right hardware to do the repair.

Proper measurement of window crank hardware

While your hardware might look the same, there are numerous different sizes and styles and having an image really helps.  If you can't open that window, find another window of similar size and use that one.  We just need to know if it opens to the right or left (left is pictured here).

Window hanging by a thread?  Wind ripped it off while it was open? No problem 🙂

Seriously, can you tell how much fun we have with this stuff?  Craziest call we had from a lady  in the Oak Park area of Oakville who had her THIRD floor window open on a windy day.  Wind darn near ripped that puppy off the house.  It was literally hanging at an angle by the top.  Shoulda taken a picture but I was not in the blogging frame of mind.  We fixed it.  Window reattached with new hardware and everybody happy.  If your window does fall to the ground and the glass breaks, as long as the frame is still intact, we can get it working again, and replace the glass.  STILL makes sense versus new window.

Final words of wisdom... Ask yourself.  Do I want to pay $1200 to replace my window, or $200 to repair it like new?  You decide.  289-242-8439.  Experienced, Insured, and Insanely good at what we do. Serving the Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington areas.

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