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How to vacuum up a cat – 100 item challenge

NO cats will be harmed in the writing of this blog post.  Promise!

Sugar - Our extremely fluffy beast.

Camera Shy Sugar the cat

It's two weeks (less a day) to the blessed day and my house needs to lose some weight.

The goal is simple.  100 items.  (paper clips don't count as one item, besides, I will keep them :))  Inspired by a friend on Twitter who was moving, and loving the fact that he was getting rid of 20 year old receipts and junk, I thought, 100 items...I could do that.  Are you up to the challenge?  Do you think that you could relieve areas of your home of trinkets, outdated items, clothing that doesn't fit or just ISNT fit to wear?  What a great time to do it when you know that your house will be filled with more people, more stuff will be coming in, and you will have a great opportunity to help others at the same time.  Don't forget the incredible feeling when things go out the door and your home is that much more organized.

In the not so distant past, I have had the need to shop in second hand stores (still do from time to time) and always appreciated that I could give my family a great Christmas, with lots of presents under the tree.  They didn't know that the presents had been "pre-loved" but were always happy with the items that they received.  Kids toys, gently used clothing, home accessories can all be repurposed for another family who would be happy to use them, but don't have the means to buy them.

So, off I go with a big green garbage bag, and a notepad (for counting of course!) to relieve my closet and office area of 100 pieces of "I don't need this anymore".   The cat?  She sleeps silently at my side as I write this... She is fluffy, and it has become the family joke when we clean out behind things, and vacuum up whats there (!) we find Sugar's long lost cousin in a forgotten corner.  We'll be gentle, we promise.

Will you be joining me?


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