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Gifting for Lakeshore Home Maintenance
Gifting for Lakeshore Home Maintenance

Here at Lakeshore Home Maintenance, we strongly believe in the true value of the gift.  Over the past holiday season, Keith and I have the had the opportunity to give and to receive some extremely important gifts; some tangible, some we only realized were gifts much later.

When I think of the holidays, and giving and getting presents, I always travel back in time to when I was a child, when parents came back from trips and usually had something tucked away in their suitcase for us children.  The anticipation of Christmas morning, and the agony the night before while I waited for Santa to come and bring me all that I had asked for, and dreamed of.  On the other side of the coin, I delighted in making gifts for my family and friends.  Usually something home baked, or homemade that I had carefully chosen specifically for that person. 

This post is not so much about beautiful packages, but about the gifts that come to us every single day and just need us to open our eyes to see them.   Helping out a newly single mother on her own for the first time, and seeing the look on her face when we showed up and helped her out with moving some furniture, this was a gift.  Spending time with an elderly client every day for what would be the last months of his life and just listening to the stories of when he was younger, getting started in business, and hearing the story of how he met his wife “the love of my life”, to the end.  I spent two hours with him on his last day, just holding his hand and talking with him about anything and everything.  The clarity that he had in that last day was unparalelled by anything he had shown in the months before but it was a gift to him, to me, to his wife, and it was probably the best gift that I have ever received.

From helping out people in difficult situations, to just letting someone in line ahead of you at the store, to handing out our beautiful corporate gift boxes to some of our clients this season, we have truly been blessed with health, strength, and wonderful friends and clients.  It is our goal to continue to see the gifts everyday in what we do, and to truly appreciate each and every one that we receive.