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Foggy Window Glass

Foggy Window Glass

If the space between your double glazed windows has become foggy, the thermal seal of your glass has failed.

There are companies out there that will try to convince you that they can drill a hole in the glass and LIKE MAGIC, make all of the fog go away forever.  The problem?  The fog will return, and return.  Your window has lost its seal, and no much how you drill and spray and try to "clean out" the fog, the problem is still there.

At WindowFix.ca, we specialize in the repair of residential windows.  Window glass replacement is one aspect of what we do.

Email us today, and get a free, no obligation quote to replace the foggy glass in your home with clear new glass (to the same specifications of your existing glass, or upgraded to a higher LowE Coating, Argon Gas, etc.) See what a difference seeing CLEARLY makes!

Replace foggy window glass

Specializing in Thermal Window Glass Replacement


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