Because so much of what we do is so varied, we are used to answering a lot of questions.  Here are some of the most common, but this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Feel free to email us at if you have a specific question that is not covered in this list.

    What do you charge for your services? Do you charge by the hour?

    We charge for our services per job for many reasons, namely because we don’t want our clients to have any surprises when the final bill comes. We believe in giving people as much information on the phone as we can, to help them with their requests, and will price most jobs over the phone, after discussing the parameters at length. Our pricing structure is based on what work we are doing, whether it is skilled labour, carpentry, or just helping around the home.

    What do you specialize in?

    We specialize in the repair of residential windows. Our technicians have years of experience with these repairs, and access to specialty materials and parts specific to these repairs.

    Do you charge for estimates?

    As mentioned in the previous answer, we like to be able to give people as much information when they call that we can so that it will give you an idea of how much the job will cost. There are times when we can give you firm pricing right over the phone, because so much of what we do we have done multiple times before, and have a pretty good idea of the pricing. From time to time we are asked about a job that is difficult to price over the phone (because it is something that is out of the ordinary, or something that you just have to see to price properly) and we are happy to come by for no charge to look at it, if we cannot give an idea of the pricing to you over the phone. We do charge a fee for leak inspections, and to estimate pricing on a job that we have already given you a “flavour” of the pricing. Any estimate charge would be removed from the bill for work completed.

    Is there anything you DON’T do?

    We smile when people ask us this, because what we have learned in this business, is that people are actively seeking a “one stop shop” for all of their home maintenance needs. We don’t work on your cars, we won’t organize your next vacation, and we probably would not be good candidates to train your new puppy how to behave. What we DO do is an extensive list, and frankly, it just keeps getting bigger. We continue to seek out local talent that specialize in certain areas of home maintenance, building and renovations to ensure that you are receiving a high level of quality in all work that we do, complemented with superior customer service.

    Do you guarantee your work?

    We stand by every job that we do, and ensure that it is completed to the customers satisfaction. We live in Oakville, and work in Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto. It is our belief that good quality work will be rewarded with repeat customers and referrals so we strive to give our customers the best quality work, and the best service, for a fair price. All work is guaranteed for one year from date of completion for quality of workmanship.

    Are you insured?

    We are fully insured with over $2 million in liability insurance. We are happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.

    Do you do all your own work?

    Our work is completed by the owners of the company, and from time to time, specialty technicians who are sub-contracted for their expertise in a certain area.

    What areas do you work in?

    We work in the Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Milton and South Mississauga areas.