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Fall clean-up in Oakville

It begins so simply...as every brilliant idea does

The kids go back to school.  sigh.  sigh again.  breathe.......

Let's face it, it was a long, extremely hot and busy summer and we all deserve some rest and relaxation now that the kids are back in school.  In this moment of peace your eyes rest on that dent in the wall from a flying soccer cleat, (drywall repairs, painting), the leaves that are gently falling in the backyard (Fall yard cleanup), the sound of the kitchen tap dripping (kitchen renovation!!!, oops, I mean kitchen tap replacement).  All of these little tasks need to be attended to, and Lakeshore Home Maintenance is the one call that you need to make.

Whether your fall "to-do" list is simple home maintenance, or there is a major renovation twinkle in your eye, Lakeshore Home Maintenance is your trusted local source for all of your home repair, reno, or refreshing needs.   Whether you are in South Mississauga, Burlington or the Oakville area, we are always available to discuss your next project or dream.   Call us today at 289-242-8439, and take care of your "to-do" list today.

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