When WindowFix.ca comes to your home to fix your window, we look at your whole window. We are the only full service residential window repair specialist in the GTA. We will NEVER try to sell you new windows, and we are the experts in window repairs. Every service call comes with our 12 Point Quality Inspection. Your windows, when well… Read more »

Gifting for Lakeshore Home Maintenance Here at Lakeshore Home Maintenance, we strongly believe in the true value of the gift.¬† Over the past holiday season, Keith and I have the had the opportunity to give and to receive some extremely important gifts; some tangible, some we only realized were gifts much later. When I think of the holidays, and giving… Read more »

Why did my Window Break? We receive dozens of calls each day about common window repair problems. ¬†This post will deal with the top 4, and why they happen. Window Crank is Broken The most common cause of a failed window crank (window will open, but not close completely and handle just spins) is age of house, and size of… Read more »