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Why Did my Window Break?

Why did my Window Break? We receive dozens of calls each day about common window repair problems.  This post will deal with the top 4, and why they happen. Window Crank is Broken The most common cause of a failed window crank (window will open, but not close completely and handle just spins) is age …
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Replace Foggy Window Glass – Curved Window

Specialty Window Glass Replacement We have just finished replacing a custom window glass for a client in Oakville.  Their window was foggy between the panes, and as they were getting their house ready to sell, they needed to replace it. Our technician measured the exact size of the two paned glass unit, and within days …
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Tiling as an art form

Groutfiti – I actually found this word when doing a quick search to think up clever tile puns that I could use as a catchy headline for this blog post.  Needless to say, the world of tiling and grout is really not all that clever or humorous.  While the post on Urban Dictionary under this …
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