This is how our Saturdays begin.  Actually, they begin with coffee in our living room and many discussions on what we are going to do for the weekend.  If we’ve planned it right and the weather has cooperated, we aren’t working.  This happens rarely but is always cherished when it works out.

Today, we had a very important installation to do in three houses in South Oakville near the harbour.  I will write about that in another blog, I just felt like a feel good blog right now.  No promo, no marketing, just Keith and I and our day. 

We stopped in to see our friends Stacey and Joe at their store Embur Computers (pic above, taken by Stacey) and Keith happened to run into someone he worked with 4 years ago.  Good chats ensued while they caught up on the goings on of Keith’s old company and then we were off to get some supplies at Home Hardware in the mall. 

We worked the better part of the afternoon, and headed off to quote a job in the Oak Park area.  Then we went out to Burlington to get some amazing custom routed trim for a wainscoting job we are doing back in South Oakville.  We found an amazing carpenter named Robert who is going to be doing a lot of work for us in the future.  He is awesome, has a great work ethic and we are totally looking forward to working with him.  It will be nice to be able to offer  custom cabinetry work and sheds for our clients and he does these things and more. 

Our evening was spent at IKEA in Burlington looking for shelving for a customer to fit into their front hall cupboard renovation. 

Home now, just put the fire on and going to relax on a cool fall night.  All is good.

Sarah Taylor at Embur Computers

Sarah Taylor at Embur Computers