When looking for someone to complete projects in your home, it is very important to remember the importance of hiring insured workers.  While there are many people who are competent and eager to complete the work whose prices are reasonable, you might want to imagine a scenario that could potentially cost you both financially and emotionally.

What could possibly go wrong??

If Joe the Handyman comes to your home to complete a simple shingle replacement, what happens if his ladder slips from under him, sending him falling to the pavement and the ladder landing on your car.  Obviously you are concerned for Joe and if he has sustained any injury, you help.  After that, what happens?

If Joe does not have any insurance, you might find yourself on the hook for his medical expenses as well as opening yourself up to a lawsuit.  The damage to your car would likely not be covered under your car or home policy, nor would any of the hospital expenses as your policy likely states that any workers you have on your property need to be insured.

Peace of Mind

If a worker will be in your home when you are not there, the peace of mind of having a worker who is fully bondable will be well worth the extra cost.

While it might sometimes seem like you are saving lots of money, or you have found a worker who will complete your projects for a very good price, the cost of hiring a handyman who is uninsured could well be much higher.   Ask your worker if they are insured, and you are completely in your right to ask to see a copy of their insurance rider as proof.

Lakeshore Home Maintenance (operating as WindowFix.ca) proudly carries $2 million in liability insurance, is fully compliant under WSIB (highest category possible) and all workers are fully insured.  Call us today for your next repair or renovation – and enjoy peace of mind.  289-242-8439